Learning with you!

English Language Institute is one of the best-known language schools in Granollers. Dedicated to teaching languages since 1986, it is located in one of the buildings classified as historical heritage in the center of the city, a well-known architectural space representative of Catalan Gothic, which provides the school with a very special character.

We redesign your logo and corporate image, with its application to different supports and parts of the building. The main thing was to maintain the essence of a school with so much experience.

The logo is an evolution of the old one, and is based on one of the windows of the building, which has very special characteristics and historical value. The challenge was achieved by maintaining a relationship in shape and color, maintaining that reminiscence associated with the building and the old image, but providing new and current values in the concept of brand.

30 Years learning with you!

We created the new slogan “Learning with you” on the occasion of the center’s 30th anniversary. One of its added values is to be a school very close to its students, with a very adaptable and familiar style of education. With “Learning with you” all the students are involved, and the school gives its thanks to all those who have placed their trust for so many years.

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