More than Christmas 2016. A Christmas catalog.

Mid Ocean Brands is one of the most internationally recognized companies in the merchandising and promotional gift sector, based in the Netherlands and offices throughout Europe and Asia. More than Christmas 2016 is the third in a collection of promotional gift catalogs for Christmas and New Year, in which the dedication of the company is conveyed to offer its clients a source of inspiration with quality and innovative gifts.

At A Design Studio we were responsible for all its production, creating from the initial concept and design, to photography and layout in 20 language versions. The art direction was oriented to obtain a book that moved away from the conventional product catalogs, using the leitmotif We believe in Inspiration as a guide for all its production. We gave it a more magazine treatment to obtain a catalog-magazine in which traveling through its pages was a pleasant experience from beginning to end.

For photography it was laborious but interesting to work with real natural light sources, mixed with sophisticated sources of artificial light that imitated daylight, obtaining games of light and shadows with which we recreate scenes with warm and welcoming environments.

“We worked with natural light to get more natural and realistic scenes, when a cloud passed we had to wait until it cleared again, but the result was really worth it.”

“We recreate scenes and moments from real life, placing the products among very natural characters in winter and Christmas environments.”