More than Christmas 2018, a New Year’s catalog.

Mid Ocean Brands is a company based in the Netherlands, one of the world leaders in the merchandising and promotional gift sector. With the launch of its new collection for Christmas and New Year, we created the new catalog More than Christmas 2018.

We have created a more elegant book, with fewer products per page in order to better show the products and show the quality of its details. We pose situations in real environments, with a minimal decoration but that in turn transmitted the warmth of Christmas, with a very natural lighting. Full-page product images, new product situations, very neat details, give the book a guided and easy reading, where finding ideas and inspiration becomes a pleasant process, unlike other catalogs of this type.

A Design Studio has been responsible for all the realization, from the creation of the concept and design, direction of art and photography, to the production in more than 18 languages ​​in which the catalog is made. The final control of color tests and dialogue with the printer was crucial for the final result to be more than satisfactory.

“We created simple sets, with very careful props to place the products in situations of daily life. “

“Very clean pages, with just and necessary decoration, where the product is the protagonist, and where we maintain the cozy atmosphere of Christmas”

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