Print your brand with the highest quality

Several images and logos were created to print on the Print & wear garments, adapted to various types of printing on different fabrics. In this way the possibilities were explained and at the same time we promoted the brand.

Illustrations related to the brand were created, and could represent both the different printing techniques and the values of the brand.

Really … a real case.

We did not realize it, but Print & Wear had already made their first order, when Mid Ocean Brands held an internal event in which all participants took a bike ride before the meeting. We created a series of printed garments with the same brand from Print & Wear, which helped to present the brand to the company’s directors.

Thanks to all this team of people, those who appear in the photo and others who do not (but who know they were there), with whom we spent an unforgettable time working I doubt for a long time. With them we shaped the “first real case of Print & Wear.