A Catalog for Inspiration.

More than Christmas is the Christmas and New Year’s catalog of Mid Ocean Brands, one of the most internationally recognized companies in the merchandising and promotional gift sector, based in the Netherlands and offices throughout Europe and Asia.

We created the slogan “We believe in Inspiration”, through which the whole history of the catalog and the Christmas campaign is developed, in which the company’s dedication is expressed in offering itself to its clients as a source of inspiration with gifts of quality and innovators.

White and golden Christmas.

The new collection comes loaded with new suggestions to give during Christmas, with many novelties in gold and copper, so we dress the catalog with these colors.

We place the products in an emotional environment, showing moments of life in which a small detail can emotionally unite people and brands. We created brand images that we printed on many of the products, and submerged all of them in a white and gold Christmas atmosphere.

Realization of all the photographic production.

Getting a Christmas without falling into the clich├ęs of very busy environments, led us to focus on the minimalist decor of the Nordic countries. Aged and clear wood, and above all a very natural light. All the atmosphere was taken care of very carefully.

We create real stories, environments where gift products carry their message through the real life of people.

We have documented this long-awaited moment, studying the different reactions that the arrival of the catalog could cause to the public. He did not produce fainting, but there were very emotional moments.

A Design Studio Team
Christmas Carols Audition