“Our identity also plays an important part in this.  For the distributors across Europe, Mid Ocean Brands is one of the best known brands in the market. Our identity should therefore be applied consistently and should contribute to establishing Mid Ocean Brands as one of the leading wholesalers that is well-known for it’s professionalism as well as it’s trendy and attractive product collection and sales & marketing tools.”

Mid Ocean Brands

The Corporate Image Book

Like all other companies, Mid Ocean Brands has its own style of communicating. This style can be found on many different levels, including printed matter, internet or e-commerce. The corporate design ensures that the identity of Mid Ocean Brands is recognized and stays recognizable, but it is only effective if the style is applied clearly and consistently. For that reason, this corporate design manual has been created. It defines the rules of using the style, so that everyone who is involved in communicating as Mid Ocean Brands is aware of what is required and knows exactly what to do.