Design of a large catalog.

We created the More than Gifts 2016 catalog from start to finish for one of the most internationally recognized companies in the promotional gift sector based in the Netherlands and offices throughout Europe and Asia. In its pages, it intends to transmit the work bases of the company: innovation, inspiration and commitment to quality.

Con una gran colección de productos, el reto está en mostrarlos de manera clara, para que el lector obtenga una lectura o búsqueda rápida y eficaz. Queremos transmitir la idea de que éstos han sido especialmente creados para ser impresos y comunicar un mensaje. Para ello, creamos historias en las que mostramos como estos regalos pueden formar parte de una campaña publicitaria, y de como estos establecen un vínculo emocional entre las empresas y las personas que los reciben.

Art direction from start to finish.

More than 400,000 printed catalogs, 20 language versions, 432 pages, 1200 products, 10,000 images … When we create a catalog of this magnitude we can not only think about how the pages will be designed, but the challenge is to evaluate all the parties that will intervene in the process to propose and obtain the best possible result.

We work in this catalog from beginning to end: concept creation, design proposals, layout, photography, final art and even print control. All these processes were done in our studio to have a thorough control and verify that everything fits perfectly. We can not leave any detail at random.

“Color is the protagonist, we want to emphasize that many products have been incorporated with new and striking colors.”

“We recreate scenes and styles of life, placing the products among very natural characters in environments where real things happen.”