More than gifts. We collect them!

Once again we designed the More than Gifts catalogs for midocean, one of the most internationally recognized companies in the promotional gift sector with headquarters in the Netherlands and offices throughout Europe and Asia. Innovation, inspiration and commitment to quality are the company’s maxims, qualities that must be reflected in our work.

We create stories that show how these can be part of promotions and advertising campaigns, and how they can boost a company, service or product image.

Usability in a printed catalog?

It seems that usability is an exclusive term for the web, but great books and catalogs must also have a well-studied usability. The work in detail, design page by page, product by product, very careful photography, total control in the art direction and production processes… in our work we do not want surprises. We have worked hard again, and the Midocean catalog is once again a benchmark in the market.

More than 250,000 printed catalogs in 20 different language versions, 432 pages, 1,200 products, 10,000 photographs… all coordinated by the art direction. It doesn’t seem easy, but it is… you just have to do it.

Maximum usability: We take a step forward, creating a cleaner and more organized catalog, where products can be quickly found and understood.

We remain faithful to a style that identifies us and gives us value with these catalogues. The time that they always maintain that identification with the brand can pass, in the end we have not created a style but a meeting point.

catálogos impresos
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