Designing a great catalog.

Once again, we carry out an ambitious project, such as the More than Gifts catalog for Mid Ocean Brands, one of the most internationally recognized companies in the promotional gifts sector based in the Netherlands and offices in Europe and Asia. Innovation, inspiration and commitment to quality are the maxims of the company, qualities that we must reflect in our work.

We continue creating stories, establishing relationships with people and their surroundings. Natural situations that show how these products can be part of promotions and advertising campaigns, and how they can boost the image of a service or company. We just want to do beautiful and functional things, that easy.

How it was made?

More than 300,000 catalogs printed in 20 different language versions, 432 pages, 1200 products, 10,000 photographs, scene creation and innumerable logos …, it doesn’t seem easy, but it is … you just have to do it, and we like it.

We keep our pillars of previous editions strong, but always taking a step forward. The right dose of innovation that makes it a recognizable catalog and at the same time current and renewed. Work in detail, design page by page, product by product, very careful photography, total control in the art direction and production processes … in our work we do not want surprises. We have worked hard again, and the Mid Ocean Brands catalog is again a benchmark in the market.

We like to give a special touch to our creations. A simple detail on a cover provides added value that can capture the attention of potential users.

It is called storytelling: We create stories that help to establish emotional relationships of products with people. Natural situations that show how these small details can be part of promotions and advertising campaigns.

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