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Mundo Diver

About to take a vacation and we get a project of the pimps, again for Aldi, who are already fully put in the middle of Christmas campaign. We could not say no, and less, when we want to trust the creation of Branding and a Brand Style Guideline for all packagings of toys and an own Iconography for identification.

So in the middle of summer, when we are already hot, we start to design the logo, a fun world, full of colors, moments and illusions, Mundo Diver. How nice! (what macu!) as we say those of Barcelona, and after a long-suffering selection we already have logo!

“A toy packaging is something special, inside you will contain not only a toy, but the illusion, magic and fun. When a packaging is aimed at the little ones, we take it very seriously. We want to hope, imagine and have fun. “

The structure

The challenge: design a packaging that can face different photographic concepts, try to make the message fly over any scenario. We know that despite everything, the fight was going to be tough.


Here if we enjoy as children, creating and developing the teaching pictograms, and others of generic use. It is not always easy, sometimes abstract concepts
They are difficult to reflect.

White separation stroke
Round style

One color for each thing
and everything with its color

We needed to structure the different packagings by categories, and differentiate them. We created a range of colors based on some contained tones, which marked the Mundo Diver style, but which could coexist with the unknown, those product images that could be of different styles. The toy world is ephemeral and lives in a constant vortex. We create 10 color ranges, and a formula to expand them if necessary. The result is a range that is identifiable as a whole.

The definitive guide

Ok, once we have made and verified by ourselves how everything worked, we were ready to standardize it and adapt it in a style guide so that the suppliers of Mundo Diver – Aldi could develop a complete packaging based on the indications of the Brand Style Guideline. Now everything is in your hands.
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