More than Christmas 2019.

Midocean is a Dutch based company, one of the world leaders in the merchandising and promotional gift sector. With the launch of their new Christmas collection we created the new More than Christmas 2019 catalogue.
Cleaner photography and natural light, with total attention to the product. We pose situations in real environments, with minimal decoration that conveys the warmth of Christmas.

How was the catalogue made?

At A Design Studio we took care of everything from concept and design, art direction and photography, to production in more than 18 languages. The control of the whole process and the dialogue until the end with the printer were crucial for the final result to be excellent.
The maximum order in every detail of the layout gives the catalogue a guided and easy reading, where finding ideas and inspiration becomes a pleasant process.

We always like to give a special touch to our printed publications. In this case we chose a semi-matt paper with a large volume, to give the book a more pleasant feel and to give connotations of sustainability to your products.

We create stories that help establish emotional relationships with products. Natural situations that show how these small, practical gifts can form part of promotions and advertising campaigns.

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